Jessica Mattson, CMFT Therapist
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Group Therapy

Understanding Group Therapy


Support Groups

Currently beginning waitlists for support groups.

Group size varies between 4 to 8 members.


Doing Cancer Solo

The Doing Cancer Solo group is open to those who feel they are going through the cancer journey without the support of a partner or close loved ones. A supportive group can help to relieve the sense of loneliness one can encounter when having to care for themselves. An initial intake session is required before attending the group. 

Bereavement for loss of family member to cancer

The Bereavement group is for those who have experienced the death a family member due to cancer within the past year. This is a supportive group for adults of all ages to come together and find new meaning in moving forward. An initial intake is required before attending the group.


Young Adult Cancer Support

The Young Adult group is open to young adults going through cancer treatment and those who are up to 2 years post treatment. Members range in age from 20 to 42. An initial intake session is required before attending group.